What Are Instagram Story Link Stickers?
By Law Enforcement Social
November 13, 2021

So everyone knows about Instagram stories and the fun little stickers you can add to them. There are so many types of stickers to your stories that can do things like tag your location, tag a friend, add a photo, add a hashtag, add a nonprofit for people to donate to, add a gif, add your favorite song, and so many more. Most recently and arguably most importantly, you can now add a sticker that will provide a link for your viewers to click.

This will be a game-changer for government Instagram accounts since they can now add links to blogs, resources, press releases, job listings, and so much more! Your audience will not only be able to immediately view the linked pages, but also be able to have more engagement with your accounts.

You might have already seen the link stickers used by brands and creators, but have you noticed they are accessible to you now?

Initially, Instagram added the link stickers to replace swipe-up links for accounts with over ten thousand followers. Although this feature makes sense for accounts with ten thousand or more followers, it can be just as beneficial for smaller accounts. According to Instagram, “We made this decision based on feedback we heard from the community about how impactful it would be for creators and businesses of all sizes to benefit from link sharing to grow in the same way larger accounts do.” Now that we have this feature, we have to use it to our full advantage. Here are a few tips for driving more traffic with Instagram story link stickers:

Draw attention to your links.
Since brands and creators can no longer rely on the arrow at the bottom of the screen or saying “swipe up to read,” it’s essential to draw the audiences’ eye to the link sticker. The best way to draw attention is to use text or GIFs. For example, consider writing “tap to read” or “click to see more” next to your link sticker so your audience knows where they should click.

Create templates that draw attention to link stickers.
It’s not as difficult as it may seem! We use Canva and use their Instagram story templates. All you need to do is add a photo, brand the colors to match your brand, and add a dedicated spot to place your link sticker. After that, upload the image to your story, add the link sticker, and you’re done.

With every new feature on social media, it will take some time to get used to. The more that the link stickers become popular and used, the more engagement you will see. Stay on top of your game and use this excellent new feature.