Three Tips To Rock Your Photos in 2022
By TOC Public Relations
January 10, 2022

Photos play a pivotal role across all social media platforms. We all have experienced scrolling through our Instagram feed only to stop on a photo that grabs our attention. It can be anything from the deep rich colors, what the person is doing in the photo, or the general context. Our three tips will get you headed in the right direction.

One thing that is frequently found with photos posted by law enforcement agencies is the lack of editing done with the image. The reason for this can be several, such as the need to “hurry up and just get something posted,” to simply a lack of knowledge on how to make photos “pop.”

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this article. Here are the top things you can do to immediately get on the path to posting better-looking (which means higher engagement!) images on social media. Of course, if you really want to dial in your skills, consider looking into one of our photo editing classes.

Remember this key component to great photos and great engagement; a great photo will assist you in adequately telling the story in the best way possible. Since we know everyone’s attention span is small, grabbing someone’s attention and maintaining it enough to read the caption starts with the first thing they see, which is your photo!

Tip #1 – Crop The Pic

You want your focal point of the photo to take center stage. The best way to ensure this is to make sure you use the photo grid feature on your camera before even taking the photo (see the tip below!). However, in the meantime, you can expand the photo and center your focal point all through the expanding of your thumb and index finger on your phone’s screen.

You’ll also want to take into consideration to crop out objects that are cut off or you don’t want in the photo. But keep in mind, sometimes this can make a photo worse, as it will purposely come across that you didn’t make the focal point the primary objective when you took the photo, and now you’re trying to fix it.


To help you get the focal point in the center of your photo, you’ll want to use the grid feature on your iPhone. Simply go to SETTINGS, then select the CAMERA icon. Turn on the “GRID” feature found in the Composition section.

Tip #2 – Make ‘Em Crisp and Sharp

Blurry photos are always a big NO on social media. Unfortunately, if someone has provided you a poor quality photo, you may be stuck with working with it. One way to alleviate the blurriness of a photo is to use the sharpening feature found in your mobile device or photo editing software.

The significance of fixing blurry images and the solution we’re talking about here is even recognized by Instagram; they’ve added the ability to sharpen photos directly in their app.

Instagram sharpen feature


After you’ve selected the picture to use for your post, select EDIT in the editing section. Scroll to the right and select SHARPEN

Use the slider to find your desired level of correction. Then select DONE at the bottom to save your settings.

Tip #3 – The Right Size For The Right Platform

You know what we’re talking about here. How many times have you seen a photo that is cut off or stretched to fit? One place I see it frequently is a department’s avatar (icon or profile image).

Sizing photos for their respective platforms will ensure that the quality of your photos remains intact. The last thing you want is a pixilated or cut-off photo because its orientation (landscape or portrait) didn’t work on the platform you have chosen to use for your message.

While there are many different sizes for images on social media, here is what you need to know for the top used platforms by law enforcement and public safety agencies:


1600 x 900 px


1080 x 1350 px


1200 x 628 px

Tools and Help

There are plenty of apps available to help you edit your photos on your mobile devices, as well as on your computer. The iPhone has great tools already built into their photo app, which is perfect for quick, “on-the-go” editing.

For speed, we prefer the built-in editing features of the iPhone, but for more powerful features, we like Canva and Luminar 4.



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