San Bernardino PD’s Briefing Room Podcast strengthens engagement with immediate community and countries internationally
By Law Enforcement Social
July 2, 2021

Implementing a podcast into your agency’s marketing strategy is a simple digital tool that has the power to elevate and strengthen your relationship and engagement with your community. 

In March 2021, San Bernardino Police Department (SBPD) rolled out its first-ever podcast, appropriately titled, “San Bernardino PD Briefing Room”…with the goal of tightening the relationship between the agency and its immediate community. 

SBPD’s community services department has since recorded and released seven (approx. 40 min) episodes, ranging from controversial to timely topics, including human trafficking, traffic enforcement, recruitment questions, fireworks, and more! 

What has greatly surprised SBPD though, is the overall reach of the podcast as its analytics uncover that the audience spans more than 200 cities and 15 countries; including the United Kingdom and South Korea.

“Law enforcement organizations need to be assessing the needs of their community. Doing something innovative or progressive like a podcast can be effective, with a recent number showing that 55 percent of Americans do listen to podcasts, (podcasting is) growing and continuing to grow.”

Tamrin Olden, CEO Law Enforcement Social & TOC Public Relations 

Podcasting is one of the newest marketing elements many of the biggest and most innovative law enforcement agencies are utilizing in 2021, but Olden proclaims that you do not need to be a large agency to produce a podcast to reap the relationship benefits for the department and the community. 

Although there are numerous pros and cons to producing a podcast on behalf of your agency…an obvious pro would be to strengthen the engagement with your community and others may see it as a con due to it being another platform to monitor communications and department-related news. 

Is a podcast the right fit for your agency? Let’s weigh the pros and cons:


  • Strengthen relationship with the community
  • Elevate engagement with the public
  • Forge relationships with people outside your community/region
  • Network with other professionals in your industry
  • Be recognized as an industry leader
  • Strengthen agency identity and awareness
  • A cost-efficient way to market and cross-promote content 


  • Time-consuming 
  • Podcasts do not appear in the initial search engine results pages
  • Requires the willingness and ability to edit 
  • Can tarnish agency reputation if it comes across as unprofessional

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