How to Garner Social Media Agency Buy-In?
By Law Enforcement Social
January 17, 2021

Struggling with garnering agency buy-in? Whether it’s getting your team to participate in a campaign, submitting photos, engaging with posts, or maybe they don’t want to provide content, it can leave a social media manager feeling frustrated.

Having variety in your content as well as garnering input and ideas from diverse perspectives improves the quality and effectiveness of your social media program. This requires agency buy-in and participation.

We have three simple concepts for you to elevate your agency buy-in.

From the top down
Ensure that your administration, chief, and command staff is supporting the social media program as a key concept of communication and public relations. It’s important to make your command staff and management aware of what you do, the importance of it and the value that it brings to the agency.

One way to accomplish this is to attend command staff meetings to provide updates on social media. In these meetings you can use this opportunity to share what was posted in the previous week, what posts performed well, provide feedback, and media inquiries received. This can also be a time to pitch new social media initiatives and share what’s planned for the next week. This will also allow them to buy-in and understand how much work social media management and digital marketing truly is.

Also note, when you provide them with data on engagement, impressions, likes, comments and reshares it helps them understand how important social media is to the agency.

Another point worth noting is that social media training for command staff is important in the buy-in process. Once command staff understands the importance, capabilities and value that social media will bring to their agency, it’ll make your job easier in regard to generating content due to their buy-in.

What’s in it for me
The what’s in it for me concept supports the notion that people do not care about something, until they get something out of it. Sounds harsh, but it’s reality. Show your agency the benefit of publicizing public programs and/or initiatives on social media and how it can be beneficial to their team.

For example, say someone in the agency is working on a missing critical; it goes out over the radio and you proactively ask the officer if you can assist by sharing incident info on social media. You would then ask the officer for collateral, including photo and description, then share it on social media. As many of you have likely seen, these type of missing person posts get reshare’d by literally everyone (and their mom), and many times someone will have info to provide the agency, which over-time will strengthen your agency buy-in due to it assisting in resolving cases.

Remember, when people’s personal interests and needs are being met, at some point, they’ll start coming to you first with ideas and content.

There’s no ‘I’ in team
Building a team is one of the most important concepts when it comes to building social media pages and garnering agency buy-in. For many people there is an “I” in team. But, it’s important to step away from that and build a social media team to garner contributors that way you do not have to be everywhere or attend every single event all the time.

Allowing other people in your agency to assist with social media, whether it’s by contributing photos, writing, or graphics, it’ll allow you to garner different perspectives and increase the amount of content you have. If you’re strategically picking people from various units in your team, they can assist with the buy in, spread the message and you will not have to work 24/7. Build a team.

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