Going live on social media, how to do it right
By Law Enforcement Social
November 18, 2020

Utilizing video on social media is key, but going live on social media is the best way for public safety and government organizations to maximize social media interaction. You can go live on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, so why not take advantage of this tool and use it to further interact with your followers?

One of the most significant benefits of going live is having the ability to come across as more authentic and sincere in your followers’ eyes since there is no ability to make an edit when going live.

Here are some tips and common mistakes made when going live on social media:

Poor Connection, Poor Audio
Before going live, you will want to test your connection. The best way to do so is to test your live feed with a backup/test social media account in the location you plan on going live, at least an hour or more ahead of time. There are also several apps like Speedtest that conduct one tap internet speed connection tests. One way to ensure connection is to purchase a wifi jetpack through your phone carrier to guarantee the strongest wifi connection, every time and any place.

Poor audio is another mistake often seen on live social media videos. Often, people are outside, or there is a lot of background noise. This is something you can easily fix with a simple microphone setup, such as a lapel microphone or bluetooth earphones. You do not want poor audio, because your followers will get annoyed and tune out.

Garnering engagement and interaction is the “point” of going live on social media. Another big mistake one could make when going live on social media is not interacting with their followers. The objective of going live is not meant to be a one-way stream of information; instead, it’s built for interaction, questions and commentary.

Pro-tip: When going live, do not begin your segment right away. Provide your audience some time to log on and chime in; wait at least one to two minutes before starting your segment. While you are waiting for more followers to join your live, this provides the perfect opportunity for you to ask your followers if they can hear you. Even if you already know they can hear you because you tested your connection beforehand, still ask them. Asking your followers to take action by commenting a simple “yes” or liking the live video if they can hear you will maximize your overall engagement.

Promote Your Live
The best way to project a successful live video on any social media platform is to promote your live. It’s generally best to begin promoting your live 24 hours in advance. If you’re going live on Facebook, share a status update. If going live on Instagram, share a calendar reminder on your stories and ask your followers to share it with their followers. If you plan on going live on Twitter, tweet about your live the day before. Promoting your own live is the easiest way to garner more of your follower’s participation and a great way to build interest.

Another effective way to promote your live is by asking your followers to submit questions in advance. Asking for questions in advance will maximize your follower’s participation. Since you directly address their question during the live, they are now more likely to tune in to hear your response.