Four tips for maintaining a consistent voice across social media platforms
By Law Enforcement Social
October 22, 2021

Similar to how you would keep a consistent voice when speaking in person, it’s imperative to maintain a consistent voice across all of your agency’s social media channels!

Many marketers should understand that building brand visibility results from a consistent tone of voice across your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-Tok, YouTube, and all other marketing materials.

Your audience should easily recognize your text and tone without looking at the agency’s social media handle.

The challenge here is that this voice needs to be constant throughout all your social media channels. One of the primary reasons for this is that brands that are consistent across all channels are 3-4x more likely to get brand visibility. While this may seem like an uphill task, with some planning, you can achieve it with ease.


Today over 67 percent of organizations across the globe do not have a social media brand strategy in place to help maintain a consistent voice across all social media channels. If you’re one of those agencies, we’re here to change that for you! Here are four tips to help you keep a consistent voice on social media.

Define and outline your strategic brand voice

Just to get this out of the way, yes, law enforcement agencies should have a brand voice on social media! Creating a digital strategic outline will take some time, but in the end, it should result in brand visibility; while increasing engagement and followers. The outline doesn’t have to be long, but it could take you a long way by just including the basics.

Items to include in your strategic brand voice outline:

  • $Sentence structure
  • $Word length
  • $Pronouns (first or third person)
  • $Identify jargon and simplify its definition

Sentence structure

Building a sentence structure is key in maintaining consistent grammar and verbiage. Determine if you want to abbreviate all applicable words, how you want to utilize acronyms, and research which hashtags work best with your posts and messaging.

Word length

When it comes to the length of your captions, shorter and to the point is always better. No one has the time to read a novel; take a moment to define the average length of your agency’s forthcoming social media posts.

One way you can strategize on social media to keep captions short is to encourage your audience to click a link directed to your website. It’ll allow you to keep the caption short, build consistency in directing them to the website for the full story and even drive more traffic to the website.


When it comes to pronouns, it’s vital to define what voice you’d like your channel to speak from. First or third person? Just to note, a social media channel is seen as much more personable when speaking in the first person. For example, speaking in first person would be, “We are making you aware of a critical incident that occurred…” opposed to, “Los Angeles Police Department is making you aware of…” 

When looking to engage the community, you want to be as personable as possible. But, it’s up to you how you’d like to use pronouns on social channels based on your agency’s personal goals. See what works for you!

Identify jargon and simplify

This is a big one in law enforcement! We have so much jargon that we need to define and simplify for a general audience.

Imagine if you were reading verbiage from a cardiothoracic surgeon filled with medical jargon after jargon, you’d probably have to re-read it five times, still not understand and then question if you even know your own language at that point. 

One way you can achieve this is to pick out the top five pieces of jargon frequently used, write them down, and define them in a way that is easy for your agency and the general public to understand.

Remember, creating a strategic brand voice outline is imperative to your brand visibility and the overall success of your agency’s social media presence. It’ll take some time to create, but your organizational leadership will thank you and maybe even adopt the social media brand voice for the entire agency!